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Louder than words: special needs kids & family history

A college bestie and I had babies the same year. We had always wanted to be groovy hippie mamas together!  You probably already know that I am NOT the chill earth mother I had imagined. When my kid came 16 weeks early, I had already shifted into overdrive, with a...

Family history is also traumatic births, special needs, and granular milestones

"You were going clink clink clink, and I was going push push push!" That's how I laughingly describe New Year's Eve 2006, and it is true! And it is the very tip of the ice berg -- because she was full term. Our first child stayed behind in the Neonatal Intensive Care...

Structural Racism in Archives

Structural racism in American history – a series of actions over 300 years – has resulted in a lack of minority stories in the archives. We can change that!

Oral History: Mama Sings “Happy Birthday”

I LOVE oral history projects. In addition to be an opportunity to find out facts that leave no trace of documentation, they are full of surprises and human voices hold so much familiarity, love, and memory for my clients. I was pre-interviewing a client recently about...

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