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I love to speak to groups about the urgency of saving women’s history. I truly believe that history is not complete without women. And on a personal level, I have found relief and empowerment from understanding the history and stories of the women who came before me. I find that people do get hope from understanding their history.

I am an archivist, historian, and activist. I have always been THAT girl: talking to wise elders in the grocery store; reading women’s stories; asking her kid “where are the women on that Lego spaceship?”, always looking for the women, and seeking out their stories. Now I’m on a mission to capture women’s stories and to preserve them. My work is shaped by the belief that every woman has a story worth saving, and that history needs the stories of women and other marginalized folks to even approach living up to its name.

Located outside of Gorham, ME
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30+ years speaking & teaching experience
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Topics I speak on

Women's History

Why it is important, and to whom. What stories are missing when we don’t save women’s history, and what can we learn from knowing about women.


Family Archives

Why we need to build them, what to start with, and what not to bother with. The easiest way to collect the whole story.


Photographs & Documentation

How to preserve what you are saving. What organizational schemes can mean in a collection. What counts as “archival.” 



Special Needs Stories

Many of our hardest-working and most exceptional family members are being left out of our family histories. What online geneological websites will and won’t be able to tell about our atypical, medical, neurodiverse family members.


Past Podcast Appearances

The Special Needs Mom Podcast: Done Being a Hidden Community with Angela Todd

As an Archivist and historian, it is very important to Angela that we find a way to tell the stories of our children, especially our special needs children. She says that they often don’t meet recordable life milestones such as getting married, having real jobs, having children etc. We have to find a way to share their story and preserve it for the future. We also have to find a way to share our stories as mothers, because there is so much more that we did before we had children and what we do now for our children than meets the eye.

Dismantle Racism: Why History Matters, with Angela Todd

We often celebrate about 10 Black, Hispanic, etc. folks during the months relegated to celebrate BIPOC. It makes folks, particularly white folks, feel that they have got it covered. Really, what’s been covered up is what we don’t know.

Join Rev. Dr. Terrlyn L Curry Avery and her guest, archivist, activist, and historian Angela Todd as they discuss the importance of uncovering and saving our history, for the record. When we save these records, other people can access, learn fromm and be empowered by them. It also helps us to understand our shared humanity and why we should be concerned about one another regardless of our differences.

The Intuitive Business Podcast, Ep 55: Discovering your Herstory with Angela Todd

The Future is Female… but the Past is Female, too! We just need to save the evidence. Candy is a recent client, and we dive deep into “herstory.”

Candy was very moved by all she uncovered in her family story. Some stories can only be shared through oral history, and Candy shares a very personal story about that. When you combine your voice, your photos, and your documents, you literally “make history” — bringing together new evidence that supports a new story.

The Revelation Project, Ep. 51: Angela Todd - Revealing Herstory

Until we learn our herstory, and that of minorities, we will never have an accurate or complete history. In today’s episode, we discuss the trance of unworthiness and its relationship to archive-building and storytelling. Angela Todd discusses how women’s stories are usually relegated to the sidelines of history, but we don’t have World history or American history without women’s history. Many women don’t believe they have a story to tell, and this must change. Ordinary women have extraordinary stories.

The Summer Sparkler Mini-sodes: Fun with Angela Todd

Our favorite cultural historian, Angela Todd, is back on the Sparkle Hour for this Summer Sparkler Minisode with a neat little trip down memory lane. Angela’s version of summer fun as an adult now includes some family bonding over a board game that she never thought she’d play, let alone get totally into (Hint: She’s a paladin).

The Sparkle Hour S4:E5 – Sparkling Some Sh*T Out with Angela Todd

Angela is a longtime listener of The Sparkle Hour. She is a “recovering academic,” family historian, and a teller of stories. She sparkles the most when she is enabling families and women, in particular, to tell their stories and preserve them for future generations. Angela also plays an important role in the history of the podcast as she used to write the show notes for the first two seasons. It seems everything Angela touches is a special and unique type of history.

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