Oral History Packages

Oral History is the fastest, easiest, funnest way to save history.


Everything You Need to Build an Oral History Legacy

Capturing a voice, laugh, joke, or song adds depth and texture to history and inspires an emotional connection with important people in our lives.

Adding individuals’ experiences to the historical record adds so much to our understanding – clearing up a confusing census record, sharing a community rumor that explains a place or relationship. 

Guide to choosing a focus

Call to get acquainted & make an interview plan

Outline of our interview path

Permission form, signed by your interviewee, giving permission to share it

Two recorded sessions, 45-60 minutes each, to capture a path

Copies of each recording, and textual transcripts

Capture the voices of your life.

Save stories that didn't leave a paper trail.

I’ll Walk You Through Every Step…

And set us up for success as we plan, perform, and button up this very special personal history project. We’ll even discuss any restrictions that your interviewee might want to place on their history, should it be donated to a public archive.

Guide to choosing a focus for this project

Call to determine a plan and a path

Outline of our intended path, emailed back to you

Two Recorded interviews & permissions form to direct donating

Copies of your audio recordings & typed transcripts

When your elder is unsure…

Clients come to me frequently to tell me that their elder doesn’t see the value in their own history.

They say, “I haven’t done anything important” or “we just got through it all, it was just very ordinary.” 

They may:

  • truly feel unworthy
  • feel overwhelmed by this new idea
  • be totally comfortable if it’s framed as family history
  • have one topic in particular they don’t want to discuss
  • be digesting something right now but will be open to it later

I made this video for them. Take a look and share it with your elder.  Sometimes meeting the interviewer or a reassuring promise not to peek behind the shower curtain is all they need to get behind an oral history project.


Capture the voices of your life.

Save stories that didn't leave a paper trail.

Want More?

Some clients know: I want to cover it all with my elder… 

Their grandparents, my grandparents, my parents, my life. Also moving, working, the family limerick, favorite songs & hymns, activism & protests, community & neighborhood. Hobbies, volunteering, travel, hunting & camping. Everything. 


Add two more interviews and get all four recordings and transcripts for $697.  


Want More for LESS?

Some clients need to make it more affordable.

I’ve got you.

I do want you to have a professional, recorded interview. One that captures what you want, and your interviewee’s personality and stories. So I have a special offer to allow more people to start their legacies this way. 

Skip the transcripts…

and get all four recordings for $497.  

Don't let your story be lost.